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  • Leonardo Razovic

    Leonardo Razovic

    24 | Engineering in Computer Science student

  • gcanti


    mathematician and rock climber

  • Sebastián Ramírez

    Sebastián Ramírez

    Creator of FastAPI and Typer. Dev at Exposion AI. APIs, Deep Learning/Machine Learning, full-stack distributed systems, SQL/NoSQL, Python, Docker, JS, TS, etc.

  • Paul Armstrong

    Paul Armstrong

    Writing React.js on @Twitter Lite.

  • Marco Giuseppini

    Marco Giuseppini

    I’m twenty years old and I’ve always had a passion for programming

  • Daniel Costa

    Daniel Costa

    Senior Software Engineer @ Amazon. Opinions are my own.

  • Francesco Passanante

    Francesco Passanante

    Thinking different

  • Charlie Gleason

    Charlie Gleason

    A thirty-something with feelings, interested in outer space and the acquisition and distribution of high fives.

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